Digital Marketing Agency.


We are a multi-functional, full service digital agency. Working closely with our clients we help them improve their businesses' performance and enhance their online presence. 

Whether you are looking for a new website, SEO improvements, marketing campaigns, digital strategy consultancy, design or even training, we cover it all. We offer flexible solutions to suit each of our clients, their business goals and how they like to work. 

Our Services.


Web Design

Web Development




Marketing Campaigns.

Social Media

Paid Advertising

Email Marketing



Competitor Analysis




What our clients say about us.

"We have been working with Ctrl since July 2019 since then they have totally transformed our brand. Their dedication, forward thinking and work ethic has been exceptional and has really positively challenged my vision for the company. I am extremely excited to keep on working with Ctrl and developing ERA-FIT's online presence further." 

Davy McGregor


Our Approach.

We take a collaborative approach to all the work we do. Taking into consideration your business' goals, identity, branding we then put deliverable plans into place to take your digital marketing to new levels.


We get a feel for your business and what you are looking to achieve. What you need us for.


We get to know your company, your competitors, your people and what makes you great.


Once we're confident we have all the data and insights we need, we create a plan taking into account your objectives and setting targets to meet those.​


Then, it's time to deliver. We get to work, create your new website, amend your content to hit new keywords, create your visuals for your latest ad campaign or write the content for your new email campaigns.