A Multi-Functional Digital Agency.

Combining logic and creativity.


Digital marketing is all about finding the right balance, captivating your audience through compelling content but also understanding where to place that material, how your customers are likely to interact with it and optimising it to drive conversions. Providing our clients with all aspects of their digital marketing we're able to combine our design and creative skills with insightful data to outperform your competitors.

We provide comprehensive, all-in-one digital marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes across a variety of sectors. Taking a collaborative approach to every project we take on we work closely with our clients to ensure everything we do aligns with their business identity, and meets their goals. 

Who we are.


Will Scholes

Managing Director / Consultant

Will founded Ctrl Marketing in 2019 with the aim of creating a multi-functional digital agency to provide functional digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. 


What our clients say about us.

"We have been working with Ctrl since July 2019 since then they have totally transformed our brand. Their dedication, forward thinking and work ethic has been exceptional and has really positively challenged my vision for the company. I am extremely excited to keep on working with Ctrl and developing ERA-FIT's online presence further." 

Davy McGregor