Understand your website's performances.

Website audits are vital before beginning any work on your site. They help not only to identify any issues with your website but also to understand the overall health of the website as well as to how it is performing. 


Our website audits provide you with an in-depth examination of your website's. To create your audit we separate our reviewing into 4 different sections: 


The main goal here is to determine whether the overall navigability of your website can be improved. Focusing on how your users navigate your website from entry to exit and which content they engage with, we answer the following questions:

  • Is your website optimised for maximum usability?

  • Can your visitors' journey be improved?

  • Is your website's design and page layout effective? 

  • Are your users visiting your key pages?

  • How is your website's overall speed?​​

With those questions in mind we review the technical aspects impacting your site's usability, ensuring your pages are neither too clustered or too empty of ads, CTAs or links to find the right balance for your website. 


Optimising your website's SEO performances is crucial in gaining organic traffic and holding onto visitors. Whilst conducting our website audits, we perform a full SEO assessment to answer two main questions:


  • Is your website's content high quality?


The quality of content on your pages is key to Google's SEO ranking algorithms but also to your visitors and how they interact with your site. Does it target the right audience? Does it inform users? Does it answer their questions? Do they know what to do next? These are the questions we answer during our assessment. 

  • Are your pages search engine optimised?​

We check through all your web pages basic SEO elements like URLs, page titles, meta data, title tags, image alts and review whether your pages are following SEO best practices.

Then looking at analytical data we examine your website keyword performance and that of your key competitors and assess which keywords you are performing for and which ones you may also be able target to target going forward.

Conversion Rate

Here we look at what happens once visitors are on your website and what actions they are(n't) taking on your site's pages. This is where call-to-actions (CTAs), marketing offers and landing pages are crucial to your site's performance. Not only do they provide you the opportunity to turn visitors into customers or leads but also keep those visitors engaged with your content and your brand. By using your website analytics we look at user journeys and interactions to find where there may be opportunities to optimise your website and improve conversion rates.


Once we've addressed the three primary goals of our website audit, we then assess the technical aspect of your site. In this part of our audit we look to establish if your website has any technical errors or aspects that can be improved such as:

  • Whether it has a responsive design, i.e it is mobile-friendly or not?

  • If it is error message free, we check for any broken links that might lead to 404 error codes but also for 302 and 500 error codes.

  • Are all the website URLs optimised? URLs with too many characters due to keyword stuffing or too many dynamic parameters can be hard to index and result in poorer performances.

  • Does it have too much Javascript or Flash? Including too much of these can issues for both search engines as they have challenges reading them and for visitors if they have to wait for these to load. 

  • Are our web pages being optimised for crawls and indexation by search engines? Using robot files or tags, having a public XML sitemap file are good measure to guide search engines towards your website's valuable content.

  • Does your website use Canonical tags? If your website has duplicate content/pages these can be useful to indicate your preferences to Google. 

We have been working with Ctrl since July 2019 since then they have totally transformed our brand. Their dedication, forward thinking and work ethic has been exceptional and has really positively challenged my vision for the company. I am extremely excited to keep on working with Ctrl and developing ERA-FIT's online presence further. 

Davy McGregor, ERA-FIT.