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Here at Ctrl we work with businesses within various sectors to help them enhance their website's search engine visibility. Whilst each website is unique and each project we take on will have its own strategy, the basic principles of Search Engine Optimisation are always the same. Staying up to date with Google's latest updates, we follow the same process for each website we take on:

  • Analyse

  • Optimise

  • Review

Free SEO Audit.

We will provide you with a free SEO audit of your website, detailing how to improve your performances in SERPs.

How we optimise our websites?

For each SEO project we undertake, whether it be a new site we are creating or an existing site a client wants us to optimise, we will go through the same steps as part of our process mentioned above.


1. SEO Audit.

The first step of every Search Engine Optimisation project is to analyse the current website. Taking an in-depth look at website structure, on-page content, metadata and technical elements, we produce a report to establish what needs improving and what may already be working.

2. Keyword Analysis.

Choosing the right keywords for the right pages is crucial to any SEO strategy. Not relevant enough to your business? You may end up with the wrong audience on your site. Too competitive? You may not be able to rank for those keywords. We make sure to hit the sweet spot by reviewing your competition, trending topics as well as the potential of your site.

3. SEO Optimisation.

Once we have a clear strategy in place, we begin the optimisation process. Perfect your content, technical SEO and web design to ensure everything is in place for your performances to start growing.

4. Monitor & Review.


SEO is a long term strategy and we understand that. Once the initial set of changes have been put into place we keep track of any changes in performances. Through monthly performance reports available with our marketing plan contracts we continuously monitor, report and analyse your website's traffic, visibility and click through rates in order to continue improving it, over and over again.